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Morality; Ethics; Values

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Growing Weekly: Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei
Why did Moses give a full audit of all the materials used in the construction of the mishkan (sanctuary)? Was Moses not trusted?
A philosophical perspective on the inherent sanctity of morality
An exploration of Natural Law in Judaic perspective, looking from Isaiah Berlin, to David Hume, Immanuel Kant, the Sophists, Aristotle and ultimately to Jewish sources, including Philo, Malachi and others..
Torah knowledge is not measured merely by the academic wisdom one acquires, but by the way it transforms the person’s life.
Does a "moral" society imply absolute equality among its members?
A New Definition of Human Nature
Ultimately, psychology doesn't provide the answers. It's a method of dealing with malfunctions or dysfunctions, not a system for healthy living.
The world seems to be so unstable these days. Time and again, the news is filled with stories of senseless violence in schools and on the streets. The politicians continue to debate on an appropriate response, but in the meantime, a generation of children...
Maimonides rules that a non-Jew must keep the Seven Noahide Laws, not because he agrees with them intellectually, but because they were commanded to him by G-d, through Moses at Sinai.
The source of violence, disorder and crime stems from the unhealthy balance of the head and the heart. The mind knows what is wrong, but isn’t able to control over the heart’ desires. The solution must come from a higher source: tefillin can help master o...
Parshat Matot-Massei
Setting boundaries means that instead of taking on other people’s beliefs or standards, we become in tune with our own.
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