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Lighting Shabbat candles, resting and rejuvenating on Shabbat are critical to Jewish living.
What are the spiritual underpinnings of Shabbat that makes it a sacred day of rest? This class explains the deeper understanding of why we rest and celebrate Shabbat.
The Fourth Commandment
"Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work; but the seventh day is a Sabbath unto the Lord your G-d. “
Parsha Va'etchanan
The final Mishnah of Tracate Shabbat concludes with the law that one may "close up [a window], measure [an object needed for a mitzvah], and tie a [non-permanent] knot on Shabbat." What do each of these three ideas represent in our spiritual service of G-...
Women and Wisdom: Lesson 2
Discovering the pleasures of immersing ourselves into a complete 25-hour Shabbat experience.
How the three spiritual levels of Shabbat (the feminine, the masculine and their union) correspond to three stages of the day (evening, morning and afternoon). A deeper understanding of the layered nature of the day of rest.
Practical Parshah - Yitro
The difference between “remembering” and “keeping” the Shabbat.
How do we judge the value of time? The majestic institution of Shabbat holds the answer.
When you feel pulled in so many different directions, by all your many responsibilties, how do you find balance?
Our sages tell us: G-d told the heavenly angels: “I have a special treasure called Shabbat, and I will give it to the Jewish people”. For six days we work, and the seventh – Shabbat brings holiness and rest” {Ed. Note: Not filmed on Shabbat}
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