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Arab-Israeli Conflict

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The Israeli government must set its priorities in Operation “Peace for Galilee.” From the outset, the military experts made it clear that casualties could be minimized on both sides of the conflict by a swift operation, which could be over in days. Even t...
In June of 1982, war broke out between Israel and terrorist factions in Lebanon. Dubbed Operation Peace for Galilee, it was hoped that it would end years of strife in the region. In an address just one week after the war began, the Rebbe urged Israel’s le...
Rashi comments on the very first verse in the Torah: “It could happen that gentiles will claim that the Jews stole the Land of Israel from them. Therefore, G-d related His mighty works in the Book of Genesis to show that it was He Who created the Land of ...
Addressing members of Israel’s Defense Mission in the audience, the Rebbe explains the importance of Israel maintaining a large defense arsenal.
The Talmud teaches, “If someone rises to kill you, rise up to kill him first.” The Rebbe explains that this dictum of our sages is the only way for Israel to deal with its enemies who seek its destruction.
Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries
The rapid disappearance of ancient Jewish communities throughout the Middle East that has occurred in modern times.
22 Kislev, 5751 • December 9, 1990
All of Israel belongs to the Jews. No one can give away the property of the entire Jewish people. Our enemies wish to do us harm, regardless of how Israel tries to appease them. Giving them land will not help the situation.
A talk following the horrific attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015
As global terrorism continues to wreak havoc, Israel has been the target of these horrific evils for decades. In guiding us to defend ourselves against murderous attacks, the Torah provides us with a dual approach. (A talk at the Jewish Women’s Retreat in...
Yes, we can make a real difference!
Watching the recent terror attacks and the grave danger to our fellow Jews in Israel, everyone is asking what can be done. Presented are practical things we can all do to help. Yes, we can make a real difference!
Showing support to the soldiers and our brothers and sisters in Israel
Rabbi Mendel Kaplan headed a special delegation to Israel amidst the war in Gaza. He met with soldiers, parents that lost their children in battle, and communities in the south terrorized by rocket fire; and tells of his incredible trip.
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