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Red Heifer, The Mitzvah of

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Letters and Numbers of Torah - Chukat
Describing the red heifer ritual, the Torah states (Numbers 19:2) “Take a red heifer that never had a yoke placed upon it.” The Hebrew word for yoke (ol) is normally spelled ayin-vav-lamed, but in this verse, the vav is missing. What is the connection bet...
Fundamentally, the commandment of the red heifer—sprinkling its ashes upon the impure to purify them—is most unusual. One of its laws, however, expresses an important and powerful lesson. When the ashes of a new red heifer are prepared, the ashes of the n...
Moses could not fathom what procedure could possibly purify a person who had been ritually defiled by contact with death, until G‑d granted him a uniquely profound revelation. Although in exile the ritual of the Red Heifer cannot be performed, through lea...
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