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Parshah (Weekly Torah Reading)

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The sin offering of a commoner
Chp. 4 verses 27 - 35 Chp. 5 verses 1 - 3: The sin offering of a commoner. Female goats and female sheep as a sin offering. Description of the rituals connected with the sacrifice. Chp. 5 begins with sin of not testifying about something that you have see...
The sin offerings of the High Priest and the King
Chp. 4 verses 1 - 26: The sin offering of the High Priest. The sin offering of the community because of the high court. And the sin offering for the King.
The Omer and peace offerings
Chp. 2 verses 13 -16 Chp. 3 verses 1 - 17: Continues with the comments on salt used in all sacrifices, and the Omer sacrifice. Chp. 3, The next sacrifice mentioned is the "shelamim" the peace offering. The section describes the animals brought, and which ...
The "Mincha" meal offering
Chp. 2 verses 2 - 13: Continues with the "Mincha" meal offering. Which consisted of fine flour, oil, frankincense, and salt. There were five different ways that the offering could be prepared. This corresponded to the five live sacrifices that a person co...
The "Melika" ritual
Chp. 1 verses 15 - 17 Chp. 2 verse 1: Continues with the "Olah" the burnt offering of the bird. Description and explanation of the ritual of "Melika." The priest cuts with his nail against the nape of the neck of the bird and cuts its neck until he reache...
The poor mans burnt offering
Chp. 1 verses 8 - 14: conclusion of the ritual of the animal "Olah" burnt offering. Continues with the poor mans burnt offering of a turtle dove or a pigeon.
The "Olah" burnt offering
Chp. 1 verses 3 - 7: The ritual of the "Olah" burnt offering of a male cattle. The slaughtering, the placing of the hands on the animal, the collection of the blood, the sprinkling of the blood on the four corners of the alter. Then the animal is skinned ...
The Sacrifices
Chp. 1 verse 2: An introduction to sacrifices and their significance. How bringing up an animal sacrifice brings us closer to Hashem.
Introduction to the portion of Vayikra
Chp. 1 verse 1: Introduction and connection to previous book and sedra. Hashem calls out to Moshe. The word Vayikra meaning called out is written with a small "Aleph." Why did Hashem have to call him.
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