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Parshah (Weekly Torah Reading)

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Choose your inner thoughts. Quiet your brain and your soul. Be present and open to the miracle embedded in every single moment.
We all have a little bit of Moses in us, and that comes with the ability to be selfless and humble.
Enjoy four short thoughts and a video adapted from the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe on Parshat Vayikra.
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on deceiving another in owed money
When a person is dishonest with money, the Torah calls it a rebellion against G-d. Rashi illustrates how this insight actually teaches us that hurting another person is actually an issue between you and G-d.
The law of returning stolen property
Chp. 5 verses 14 - 26: The lecture opens with the sacrifice for Misappropriation. Continues with the offering for Questionable Guilt, "Asham." The portion ends with the offerings for Dishonesty. The necessity to return the stolen object and the addition o...
The adjustable guilt offering
Chp. 5 verses 4 - 13: The laws concerning the sacrifice "Olah Veyoreid" the adjustable guilt offering. Animal for a rich man, birds for a poor man, and flour for a very poor man. The designation is not decided at the time of the sin but depends on the fin...
The sin offering of a commoner
Chp. 4 verses 27 - 35 Chp. 5 verses 1 - 3: The sin offering of a commoner. Female goats and female sheep as a sin offering. Description of the rituals connected with the sacrifice. Chp. 5 begins with sin of not testifying about something that you have see...
The sin offerings of the High Priest and the King
Chp. 4 verses 1 - 26: The sin offering of the High Priest. The sin offering of the community because of the high court. And the sin offering for the King.
The Omer and peace offerings
Chp. 2 verses 13 -16 Chp. 3 verses 1 - 17: Continues with the comments on salt used in all sacrifices, and the Omer sacrifice. Chp. 3, The next sacrifice mentioned is the "shelamim" the peace offering. The section describes the animals brought, and which ...
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