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Ten Plagues

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Throughout all Egypt, the dust turned into lice. But when the magicians tried to produce lice by their secret arts, they could not. The lice attacked men and animals alike. The magicians said to Pharaoh, “This is the finger of G‑d.” But Pharaoh’s heart wa...
So this is the famous Torah portion where we read about the beginning of the end of the Egyptians. Why all the violence?
It seems that there is a contradiction concerning when the Egyptian animals died during the plagues.
On the plague of Arov
Question: I just read in your fantastic Passover site that the fourth plague that G‑d brought upon the Egyptians was a multitude of wild beasts. However, looking online, I see that many bibles say that the fourth plague was swarms of insects. Which ones w...
What of someone who awakens to the realization that he's allowed his evil inclination to assume control, and now wishes to reclaim the love for his G‑dly soul? How does one shake off a well-entrenched enemy?
If not for the frog, says the Midrash, how would the Almighty take retribution against Pharaoh? Why does the Midrash single out the frog when there were nine additional plagues?
During the first three plagues the Jews were also affected. During the fourth the Jews were not affected. What was the difference?
All of creation may be divided into three categories: the good, the bad and the frogs
On the difference between Egypt and the Holy Land, and the inner significance of the Plague of Hail
The purpose of the plagues was not only to punish the Egyptians, but to break their egos and false notions on G-d.
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