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Women's Torah Study

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The Rebbe’s views on women today
A personal account of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s attitude towards feminism.
The Rebbe’s annual pre-Shavuos address to women
In this day and age, women and girls–even very little girls–study parts of the Torah which in the past they’d rely on their husbands or brothers to know.
So old, yet so new
He was unapologetic about the woman’s unique role and campaigned for women to be true to their “womanhood,” as established by Torah.
When Mrs. Alice Zlotnick’s husband, Professor Dov Zlotnick, told the Rebbe about the success of his Talmud class in Riverdale, New York, he received an unexpected challenge, which he duly passed on to his wife.
Rabbi Yekusiel Farkash and his wife arrive for an audience with the Rebbe, but receive a private talk on the requirement for women to study chasidic teachings, with a special directive for Mrs. Farkash.
The Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies celebrated its 11th year of instructing English-speaking students with the inauguration of a Jerusalem-based women’s program.
25 Iyar, 5747 • May 24, 1987
The daily study of Maimonides’ works is becoming increasingly widespread. The Mishneh Torah, his Magnum Opus that codifies Jewish Law, serves to guide all Jews through the intricacies of Jewish observance. It is not geared for scholars alone. It guides “s...
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