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Tower of Babel

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Topics include: Noah's reincarnation as Moses, the Tower of Babel, Abraham and Sarah as the source of the souls of future converts.
The predictable stereotypes involving Jews and money are popping up all over: that Jewish tradition allows dishonesty as long as people live otherwise pious lives. Nothing could be further from the truth...
Torah trains our mind to see the hand of G-d in all natural events and happenings. Similarly, every life and creation has a purpose; hence every event in the world is part of the fulfillment of this purpose. Take a deeper look at divine providence.
Have you ever met a Rabbi who could give you an inspiring message in just two minutes? Well, here it is….
It appears several times in the Torah: seventy elders of the Jewish nation, seventy languages and nations of the world, and seventy members of Jacob's family.
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