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Creation, Six Days of

Knowledge Base » G-d and Man » Creation » Creation, Six Days of
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The Buds
The Zohar reveals secrets about the song of Creation.
Harmonizing kindness and strength.
Harmonizing kindness and strength.
Transmitting eternity and glory.
Transmitting eternity and glory.
Artist’s rendition of the fifth day of creation: fish and fowl
“And the L‑rd G‑d caused a deep sleep to fall upon man, and he slept, and He took one of his sides, and He closed the flesh in its place. And the Lord G‑d built the side that He had taken from man into a woman...” (Genesis: 2: 21-2) In the first chapter o...
Kabbalah explains the mystical connection between Shabbat and femininity.
Kabbalah explains the mystical connection between Shabbat and femininity.
Expanding our understanding
The word bina is related to the word livnot, meaning "to build", for this is the essential quality of bina. The abstract, non-dimensional, incomprehensible point that represents chochma is expanded and built into a three-dimensional structure, sometimes c...
My opinion is, as stated in the Torah, that during the Six Days of Creation, G‑d created the Four Kingdoms (minerals, vegetation, animal and man) independently of each other. However, this Creation does not deny possibility of evolution after that of part...
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