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Telephone (19)
The ability to send invisible, silent signals through the air, to pass them through a mechanical device and transform them into soundl—now that’s what I call a miracle!
Due to fears of the coronavirus, I was thinking of staying home . . .
Chabad rabbis and educators impact minds and lives on cable TV
The second in a series of articles on Chabad spreading Torah through a variety of media. Television viewers are always on the lookout for something to pique their curiosity in the split second between clicks of the remote. That “something” can be anything...
The Rebbe publicly encouraged the use of new media to spread knowledge of Judaism and chassidism.
May a microphone be used for the reading of the Scroll of Esther?
Question: We have a very large congregation, and it is hard for everyone to hear the reading of the Scroll of Esther (Megillah) properly. Because the use of electricity is allowed on the holiday of Purim (as opposed to Shabbat and other major holidays), I...
I knew it wouldn’t be easy to give up my smartphone on Shabbat and the holidays.
Question: I have a siddur app on my iPhone. Some people say I should only pray with a real paper and cardboard siddur. Will G‑d still listen if my siddur is electronic instead? Answer: Aside from holding the entire Torah, Talmud, Maimonides, Code of Jewis...
What do we desire deep, deep down in our nutty little souls? To aim a camera and take a picture of G‑d Himself
Here’s what last week’s panic taught me
“You should remove WhatsApp from your phone!” a friend of mine messaged me frantically (on WhatsApp, of course!). “Why?” I asked. “Because they changed their terms and conditions. Now, Mark Zuckerberg can read everything you write,” he replied. “That’s gr...
Very soon, you may witness an unbelievably powerful sight. But the last thing you should do is take a picture of it. Right now, you’re reading this on a device. Perhaps it’s a laptop at a coffee shop or desktop at work, a smartphone in your hand on the tr...
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