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Solomon, King

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For an informed reading of I Kings 8:2-21
The Haftarah reading for the second day of Sukkot recounts one the greatest Sukkot holiday celebrations of all time.
David had a tumultous, yet ultimately triumphant life. He was the progenitor of a royal dynasty chosen by G‑d, but he suffered mightily from strife, especially at the hand of those closest to him.
For an informed reading of 1 Kings 3:15–4:1
Young Solomon asked G‑d for “an understanding heart to judge Your people.”
For an informed reading of I Kings 7:40–50
When Chanukah contains two Shabbatot, the weekly haftarah is replaced with a reading connected with Chanukah.
For an informed reading of I Kings 8:54–66
Overview It was one of the greatest moments in Jewish history. Almost five centuries had passed since the birth of the Jewish people with the exodus from Egypt. Since their arrival in the Land of Israel, the Jews had lived in their respective tribal terri...
After you build the Holy Temple, take it home with you, allow the holiness to be part of your daily life.
What is true and everlasting love, both between friends and between spouses? Here are stories from the lives of our ancestors that depict real, unconditional love as well as conditional love that is not real, nor enduring.
For an informed reading of I Kings 5:26–6:13
The thirty thousand men selected to go to Lebanon and chop the lumber for the construction had an interesting work schedule . . .
For the haftarah of Mikeitz, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
The haftarah I Kings 3:15-4:1. for Mikeitz is not read every year because it is often superseded by the haftarah of Chanukah. It is a short haftarah with little commentary. But at the same time, it is one of the most famous stories in the Tanach. The conn...
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