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Mount Sinai

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"When the Holy One, blessed be He, came to reveal the Torah on Sinai, the mountains ran about and contended with each other, each claiming, 'The Torah shall be revealed on me.'“(Midrash Rabba Genesis 99:1) "Dialogue of the Mountains" presents a window int...
Unity and differing opinions in Torah
Understanding the nature of differing opinions in Torah, and how the Halachic ruling does not favor one view and reject the other, but rather unites them both.
Mount Sinai vs. the Temple Mount offers perspective
Absolute humility is dangerous
Why was the Torah given on Mount Sinai, the “smallest of all mountains”? Because, the Midrash explains, in order to receive the Torah, we must be humble, like Mount Sinai. This raises another question: If humility is so important, why was the Torah given ...
Preparing to Receive the Torah
Soon after the Jewish people arrived at Mount Sinai, the final stages to receive the Torah began to unfold in earnest. This talk explores two views on the nature of these special days and what exactly is required of us as we prepare to receive the Torah a...
By the Grace of G‑d 5729 Brooklyn, N.Y. Blessing and Greeting: I am in receipt of your letter, as well as of your previous correspondence. I carefully noted the contents of your letter, in which you describe the vicissitudes of your life, etc. I trust tha...
What Do Jews Believe?
What do Jews believe in? The Rambam—a great Jewish rabbi and philosopher—summarized the Jewish faith in 13 principles.
The greatest conspiracy theory of all time is materialism. The second greatest conspiracy theory is that the Jews invented the Torah...
The Israelite Prophet and Lawgiver Known as Moshe in the Bible
The greatest prophet who ever lived, Moses (Moshe) transcribed the Torah (also known as the Five Books of Moses), the foundational text of Judaism.
Whilst traveling through the desert the Jews quarreled frequently, yet when they came to Sinai they unified.
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