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Tzaraat ("Leprosy")

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Kabbalah and the Bible – Tazria-Metzora
Tzaraat is a supernatural skin discoloration which signifies ritual impurity. The declaration and diagnosis of tzaraat is only through the kohen, why?
Perhaps the metzora's isolation is not just for him to sense the distance from other people caused by gossip, but also to see how foolish a sense of superiority is...
The Mishnah teaches that “all afflictions one sees, except his own . . .”
One who is struck with leprosy must bring a sacrifice; a rich man brings a more expensive one then a poor man. However, if a rich man offers to bring the sacrifice on the poor man’s behalf he must bring a rich man’s offering, why so?
The implication is that when spiritual malaise is neglected and allowed to fester we can accustom ourselves to it and become oblivious...
Departure from Sinai, The People Ask For Meat, The Seventy Elders, Miriam's Sin
Does every cloud really have a silver lining? Is there a blessing in disguise inside every curse?
The signs of tzaraat—a mystical interpretation.
According to many historians, the disease known as leprosy did not exist in the Middle East in the times of the Torah.
Isn’t it a negative term?
One who was afflicted with the malady was considered impure and had to undergo a purification process.
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