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Death of the Firstborn

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Question: I have heard that there is a special ceremony called a siyum that Jewish firstborns attend in the synagogue on the morning before Passover. Is this something that firstborn females attend as well, or is it just for men? I have been hearing confl...
G-d has compassion on His children… including the Egyptians!
G-d has compassion on His children… including the Egyptians!
Judaism seeks to transform each and every home into a place of spirituality, holiness, peace and tranquility.
A short film on why the Festival of Freedom is called "Passover" and why the Israelites needed to smear blood on their doorposts.
Originally, the Jewish firstborn were the priestly class. When they forfeited their status, the priesthood was transferred to the children of Aaron. Ever since, male Israelite firstborn are “redeemed” from a kohen.
Why did the Exodus have to take place precisely at midnight? Indeed, what is “midnight”?
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