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Dressing up on Purim

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What I learned from Queen Esther’s struggle and final victory
That is what we Jewish women need to emulate of Esther: the sacrifice, the endurance and the true commitment. We need to stay in touch with the feelings that lie under the costume.
As a general rule, dressing up in clothing exclusive to the opposite gender is definitely a problem. The question remains, however, whether this prohibition applies to Purim, a day when any cross-dressing would only be for "harmless" entertainment purpose...
Do I have to get drunk on Purim?
I’m going to sound like a nerd, but I’m not. Do I have to drink on Purim?
This is a story about G‑d miraculously saving us. If so, why do we leave Him out of the story?
Beyond the bare bones requirements, a wealth of customs have grown around this joyous day. Here are some, ranging from the well-known to the more obscure.
Time has since passed, and so too has my incessant urge to play dress-up on a daily basis. Yet, once in a while, that little girl emerges.
There was something for everyone at the Purim party hosted by Chabad-Lubavitch of Westmount in the upscale residential area on Quebec’s Island of Montreal. Children joined a masquerade fashion show, showing off the costumes that have become a part of ever...
After waking up early Friday morning, Chabad-Lubavitch families from the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, N.Y., prayed the morning services, read the Scroll of Esther, and headed out to bring the joy of Purim to Jewish senior citizens.
Chabad.org presents a wealth of information about Purim on VirtualPurim.org. The site is also host to the world’s largest Purim costume contest.
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