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Gefilte Fish

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Recipes for Shabbat from Israel
Fish Ingredients: 1 carrot 1 onion 1 lb. (450 grams) ground carp 2 tbsp. sugar 1 tbsp. ground black pepper 1 tbsp. kosher salt 1 cup matzo meal (approximately) 2 eggs Broth Ingredients: 12 cups (3 liters) water 4 bay leaves 5 whole peppercorns ½ cup sugar...
The fish reminds us how the beauty and power of Shabbat is readily accessible.
Jonathan gets a new pet: a giant talking gefilte fish! Hilarity ensues.
Every week, for the 25 hours beginning just before sundown on Friday until after night has fallen on Saturday night, Jewish people celebrate Shabbat, a period of rest and spiritual rejuvenation.
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