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In the Code of Jewish Law Rama in Orach Chaim 134. it is written that a Torah scroll should be held in one's right arm (and rested on the right shoulder). This applies even if the one holding the Torah is left-handed. There are two verses that allude to t...
Question: My husband and I are in the final stages of purchasing a Torah scroll which we intend on giving as a gift to our rabbi. Could you please advise us how to reverently handle the Torah and the protocol/laws involved as we give this precious gift? A...
The last commandment of the Torah is to write one’s own Sefer Torah. Today this is commonly done through buying a letter, chapter or portion in a joint Sefer Torah. It is written by a scribe who is specially ordained to write, and its laws are meticulous.
Creating A Home for the First Sefer Torah in the State of Florida
The historical completion of the first sefer Torah ever written -- in its entirety -- in the state of Florida ...with a personal statement from Governor Jeb Bush of Florida
The Torah... A Mitzvah that Unifies and Informs
G-d, who formed and created man and all that exists, shares His wisdom, understanding and knowledge with us through the Torah, enabling us to maximize our potential and fulfill our life's purpose.
Simchat Torah means rejoicing with our Torah. Let us see how many details we know about the Torah scroll or Sefer Torah which we see so often in the Synagogue, and from which portions are read just as often. We will not consider here the contents of the T...
Watch an art video showing how to make a beautiful painting of a Sefer Torah (a Torah scroll).
The crown serves as a reminder to strengthen our commitment to fulfilling the mitzvahs of the Torah.
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