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Many of us get bored because we think in polarities. We think we are either bored or entertained, but those are both essentially passive emotions...
I have always felt that the essence of spirituality is that, underneath it all, we are all one. Isn't it absurd to characterize a soul as "Jewish"? Why put souls in boxes?
Where is your heart? Where are your eyes? There are three approaches, each having implications in many realms, including a general view about life and even macroeconomic vision
The Month of Elul
I am all too familiar with the fragility of birch trees. Our counselors taught us that if we peeled back the thin white paper-like bark of the birch, we would end its life. The power was in our hands...
You need to grew a long white beard, talk softly, and spend full days in prayer and private worship. At least that's the common notion of "spiritual"
Is it better to keep Shabbat and eat only kosher but be unkind and dishonest, or to be a good person who is not as observant?
Not everything spiritual is necessary holy, and not everything holy need be spiritual
My friend turned to her father as they raked and asked, “This is a huge job. Why are we doing this? Do you really think this will even make a difference in the way Mom feels?”
Religious sensitivity is key to wholesome healing
The early development of psychiatry led to medical reductionism, allowing no place for a positive interchange with religion and spirituality. But modern advances show that a sympathetic understanding of a patient's religious orientation greatly increases ...
Shopping. You either love it or hate it. It’s a lot like life.
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