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Miracle of Chanukah

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(It's not what you think it is)
We know the facts on why we celebrate Chanukah, the Festival of Lights. But is that all? Could it be that the inner meaning of the holiday has been hidden from plain sight?
1. The Maccabees Are the Heroes of Chanukah The Maccabees were Jewish fighters who led the revolt against the Syrian Greek ruling class, who had suppressed Jewish religion in an effort to spread their Hellenistic customs and idolatrous beliefs. The Maccab...
What does Joseph have to do with Chanukah? What lesson can we take from Joseph and Chanukah to help us deal with difficult times?
What lesson can we take from Joseph? Why did Manasseh come first? How does this connect to Chanukah?
The Talmud on Chanukah, Lesson 1
This class will be analyzing the Talmud’s description of the Chanukah miracle, and offer three ways to understand the miracle of the “jug of oil” that burnt throughout the eight days of Chanukah.
Intermediate Talmud: Tractate Shabbat, Lesson 10
Learn the Talmud’s narrative of the Chanukah miracle, which the Talkmud recounts to answer the famous (yet peculiar) question of why we celebrate the Festival of Lights.
What is Chanukah? The Rabbis taught: For when the Greeks entered the Sanctuary, they defiled all of the oils used for kindling the Menorah. And when the Hasmonean House prevailed...
What prompted the priests to burst forth from the Temple gates and lock horns with legions of seasoned soldiers? And why their obsession with spirituality when battling the mightiest legions of the ancients?
Is the light of the Chanukah menorah so faint that it can only illuminate its immediate vicinity? And as such must be lit after dark, and in direct proximity to the darkness it wishes to counteract?
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