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Community, Society & Environment

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What are the Jewish preparations for moving into a new home?
Thinking of moving? Judaism offers insight on where to move, and there are several traditions and customs associated with new homes.
Why did Moses insist on the Jews serving G-d in the desert?
Our ability to embody diverse realities enables us to greatly influence the Creation.
Our ability to embody diverse realities enables us to greatly influence the Creation.
A shadchan suggested a young lady to a fellow and absolutely raved about her. After their first date, the fellow calls up the matchmaker and gives him a piece of his mind. "How dare you introduce me to such a girl, didn't you know she limps?" Quite unflus...
We’re all drawn to light. Physical light – daylight, candle light, sunshine – and to those people who seem to give off a luminescence. Do we need to be around certain people or environments to create light for us? Learn how to shine your own light and nev...
Learning Pirkei Avot: chapter 1, mishnah 7
“Distance yourself from a bad neighbor, do not cleave to a wicked person, and do not abandon belief in retribution.”
A reexamination of chapter 32 of Tanya and of the centrality of social questions is Chabad teachings.
You may have been wondering why I have not written for the past month. No, it’s not because the kids stopped saying cute things; nor have I lost the desire to keep you in the loop. So, what has driven a wedge between me and the laptop? The answer is that ...
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