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Shaving (8)
Kasriel Oliver lives in Melbourne, Australia. In 1975 after becoming acquainted with Lubavitch, he came to spend the summer in 770. While there he had an audience with the Rebbe.
“You should enjoy your beard as much as I am enjoying it.” (Collage)
Examining questions raised by the opponents to Chassidism
When Reb Berel Wiess, a successful businessman, asked the Rebbe for a blessing to have both wealth and Torah knowledge, the Rebbe told him that this particular blessing requires a special vessel which Reb Berel was yet to acquire. (1980's)
During the Yom Kippur War, Reb Efraim Mol was stationed at Israel’s southern border with Sinai, when intelligence came in about a possible imminent chemical attack by the Egyptians. Ordered to shave his beard in preparation to don a gask mask, Efraim conv...
Rabbi Yosef Krupnik shares a Sixties Yechidus.
Col. Jacob Goldstein, an Army chaplain and Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi, spend the Hebrew month of Tishrei supporting the spiritual lives of Jewish soldiers stationed in Cuba.
Translation 7 Cheshvon 5750 [November 5, 1989] B”H. To Reb Schneur Zalman Jaffe Since I have seen you today with a beautiful countenanceThis is a play on the Hebrew word for Jaffe, יפה=beautiful. ZJ had recently begun growing his beard after his illness o...
Thirteen dollars in honor of growing your beard, which draws down G-d’s Thirteen Attributes of Mercy. Checking your Tefillin and Mezuzos will help the psychiatric patients who come to you.
Question: During which holidays or times of mourning on the Jewish calendar year can I not shave? Also, when a family member passes away, for how many days/months is the mourner forbidden to shave? Answer: Before responding to your question, a few prefato...
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