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Cheder (4)
Adults in Austin study texts, attend lectures and spend time with visiting rabbinical students
Fifth-generation Texan Adam Kaman has long toyed with the idea of studying in yeshivah. But with a growing family and full-time job in the corporate offices of an Austin-based food retailer, he has not been able to actualize that dream. This summer, howev...
The largest cohort since 2012 will serve Jewish communities all over the world
A host of newly ordained rabbis, 257 of them, gathered in the Chabad-affiliated Rabbinical College of America, outside of Morristown, N.J., for what is possibly the largest celebration of its kind in the world this year. The rabbis, who have graduated fro...
With guidance from the Rebbe, a small group of students started a big learning center
Rabbi Mattis Kantor remembers when he left Australia in 1959 at the age of 15 to learn abroad. “There was no yeshivah in Australia, so I went to public school and learned Talmud in the afternoons, but that wasn’t enough,” says the rabbi and author, who ha...
I couldn’t understand why he never came to shul and why he didn’t send his children to a Jewish school. He was such a nice and sweet Jew. Why did he choose to be so uninvolved? This must be addressed, said my righteous indignation. I waited for an opportu...
How does our site score on answers and dialogue?
You think that wisdom flows in one direction only. The supplicant asks, and the rabbi answers.
Precious as Jewish education is, they'd just enrolled their children in the local public school. The cost was just too great, and in the economic crunch, sacrifices had to be made.
You will understand how every person in every circumstance and situation, has the ability to be joyful while he serves his Creator,
I remember coming home crying to my parents, saying, ‘We eat the same foods, watch the same things, why do they hate us just because we’re Jewish?’ They couldn’t answer me.”
Short history of Yeshivah Tomchei Temimim.
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