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Shabbat Chazon

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The Shabbat Before Tisha B'Av Is Unique
The Shabbat before the Ninth of Av is called Shabbat Chazon ("Shabbat of Vision") after the opening words of the day's reading from the prophets ("haftara"), which is the third of the series of readings known as "The Three of Rebuke." On this Shabbat, say...
On Shabbat, all public displays of mourning are strictly prohibited. This causes changes in many of the Tisha B’Av laws and customs.
Trilogy of Tribulations - Part III
In the third haftorah of the “Trilogy of Tribulations,” we learn how Isaiah’s prophecy contains a hidden lesson about our power to visualize and manifest our greatest hopes and dreams.
When does one learn to adjust one’s expectations and recognize that that dreams are . . . just dreams?
There are few more blazing passages in the whole of religious literature than the first chapter of the book of Isaiah, the great “vision,” chazon, that gives its name to the Shabbat before Tisha B’Av, the saddest day of the Jewish year. It is more than gr...
The opening passage of Devarim isinvariably read on the Shabbos that precedes the Ninth of Av, the fast that commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Holy Temples. This Shabbos is known as Shabbos Chazon, because the first word of its Haftorah...
The Torah portion of Devarim is always read on the Shabbos preceding the fast of the Ninth of Av, which commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Holy Temples. This Shabbos is also known as Shabbos Chazon, the “Shabbos of Vision.” The illustrio...
After Napoleon conquered the city of Acre in northern Israel, he walked through the streets of the ancient seaport. Suddenly, his attention was caught by a group of people wailing bitterly. Incensed at the thought that perhaps they were mourning because o...
We live in this world and must learn to adapt to it. Only through playing by its rules can we be successful.
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