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Soviet Era

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How I saved lives with the Rebbe's precious advice in what became the most important story of my life.
Moses performed miracles and promised redemption. But things got much worse before they got better. Is history repeating itself?
Spies, cold-hearted agents, and daring escapes fill the pages of this engrossing memoir about the chasid Rabbi DovBer Levertov, known as Berel Kabilaker, and his family's life under Communist rule.
A Rabbi Eulogizes President Reagan
He gave brief descriptions of the people who my parents would be meeting and what their needs were: who needed to have a marriage performed, who needed tefillin, which families needed Jewish toys and candies...
The Rebbe said, “Since I am not in the Senate you will be my representative and speak in my place, and you will try to help the Jews in Russia.”
A moment of faith does not separate between long-lost loves. It holds them together...
"The group is leaving on the train tonight." He spoke in a whisper, although they were alone in the privacy of their home. Spies and informers could be hidden in any corner, and it was said that the walls themselves had ears...
The three emissaries from the court of death entered the room, dressed in their uniforms of red and black, rifles in hand, their belts filled with bullets and hung with a pair of revolvers and another pair of Cossack knives, with helmets of brass and thei...
Farbrengen, 6 Tishrei, 5742 • October 4, 1981
After the passing of his mother, Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson, in 1964, the Rebbe began holding a farbrengen, chassidic gathering and public address, on the date of her yahrzeit. This gathering would be dedicated to her legacy, and to the mission of the Jew...
Yitzchak Kogan spent 14 years waiting for a Soviet exit visa. Then the Rebbe sent him back
In the winter of 1986, Yitzchak and Sofya Kogan finally received the Soviet exit visas they had waited 14 years for. Naturally, they were thrilled—but much had changed since they first applied in 1972. Like thousands of other Soviet Jews, they still wante...
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