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Passover Lessons
Five years ago, on the last day of Passover I gave birth to my son, my first born, my long awaited child, and my thought process during his birth changed everything...
Turning pain into power
From the fact that the women used musical instruments and danced in accompaniment to their song, we understand that their song sprang from a well of deeper joy, and was of a higher caliber, than that of the men. And it wasn’t by chance that they had their...
Lessons from Miriam
There must be people out there who, like me, are simply tired of having their insides all tied up in knots at the thought of yet another challenge...
Question: The women at my Seder would like a representation of the importance of Miriam during the Exodus. Is a Miriam's Cup allowed? Answer: As with any "new" custom, there is always the fear of what is behind the custom; who began it and what was their ...
Chana Miriam's husband was Caleb son of Yefuneh of the tribe of Judah. Talmud Sotah 12a. Caleb was one of the twelve spies sent to reconnoiter the Land of Canaan, in preparation for the Israelites' impending invasion of Israel. He and Joshua were the only...
Her response was habit, given to hundreds of names the same morning. It was meant to give me the go. But instead, it stopped me. Did she just call me “Miriam”?
Their lives were miserable, they were slaves, and all they could think about was their superficial appearance?
Pioneers of Faith
Childbirth, perhaps more than any other life event, is an experience that demands a strong dose of faith and surrender. No matter how well planned or organized we may be, the inevitable moment will arise...
One day, Sara tried a different approach. "Honey," she said to her husband. "I know you this isn't the way you see it. But please, do it just for me!"
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