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Your soul has travelled many lives.The bad fades away. The good is still there to help you.
While not all souls have an equal share in Gan Eden; in rare instances, certain souls do not earn any share at all. The "World to Come," however, is different. Every Jewish soul that ever lived will be resurrected.
What's the story with reincarnation? Who is reincarnated, and why?
with DovBer Pinson
Rabbi Pinson continues to outline the journey of the soul and the Jewish belief in reincarnation.
This stimulating talk presents the Jewish perspective on the soul, afterlife, reincarnation and resurrection.
Those components of the soul which were rectified by a particular body always maintain a connection with that body, and will return to that body to revive it with the Resurrection of the Dead...
The Torah was given to Moses, by G‑d, accompanied by an oral counterpart. The Oral Torah is just as much G‑d's word as the Written Torah. As the years passed, the sages became concerned that the Oral Torah would be forgotten or garbled if it would not be ...
By the end of days there will be the awakening of the dead which brings about the question: Will we be obligated in doing the Mitzvot (the commandments) during that time period, and if so how will they be performed.
Why is there a need for reincarnation? To whom does it occur? Can an entire generation be reincarnated?
Finally, Reb Yehoshua set a price of 25 Napoleons—a sum that would support a family for two years. Surely, no one would be so foolhardy as to pay that kind of money for a horse . . . !
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