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Jewish Survival

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A secret for Jewish continuity contained within the wording of the Shema prayer.
How the Jewish people celebrate their immortality by turning tragedy into joy.
Reflections of an Israeli Military Chaplain
How we all contribute to Israel's security by promoting Jewish unity and continuity.
Whereas throughout the year alcohol consumption is barely tolerated by Jewish tradition, on Purim, the boundaries fall away. Why the change of policy?
From Ezekiel’s vision of the "dry bones" to the bond between generations and the phenomenon of supernatural events – past, present and future
I’m pathetically biased, but I embrace my bias. I feel sated with pride, although my children haven’t done anything uniquely successful or unusually brilliant—not yet. I wonder: is this the way G‑d feels towards us?
A Glimpse into Life in Voronezh, Russia
She is in constant pain from her arthritis. She knows that so many of her dreams are lost--her husband who is gone, the children she wanted but never had. Yet she is happy. Every visit, we are blessed with another little glimpse into a world that is long ...
The Jews, singing and dancing ecstatically, were swept by the flood of their emotions and danced on and on. They would pay dearly later, but for that moment they had defied their oppressors.
Question: Why has there arisen in every generation those who wanted to annihilate the Jewish population? Every year, I read this in the Hagadah, but now I am wondering why this animosity? Answer: There are many explanations given, but they seem to overloo...
Delusions become dangerous not when we start to believe them but when we stop questioning. Why are we afraid to face the obvious facts? Because the facts hurt too badly. So we hide behind two-state solutions, and pullouts, and dialogue and bridge building...
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