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Religious Baseball Agent Makes His Mark
The 6’1” attorney with a kippah not only helps his players negotiate contracts and develop marketing and public relations strategy, he also plays other significant roles on their playing field – that of a shrink, rabbi, and watchful big brother...
What We Can Learn from the Athletes
At times they would just wobble, catching themselves and recorrecting. Other times they flat out fell, skidding across the ice until they could stabilize. But no matter how hard the fall, the same thing would always happen. They would get right back up...
Some of the firecrackers made loud swooshing noises as they exploded. Others were virtually silent. The firecrackers that crackled the loudest didn't necessarily produce the brightest results...
I know that for my daughter’s own benefit, I must follow the rules of the game. But with each roll of the dice, with each turn that she takes, I am inwardly holding my breath, secretly longing for her victory . . .
A casino is a carnival of human emotion. A palace of dreams made and shattered. And I was there. I was about to join in.
I try to follow the rules of the game. I need to teach her how to graciously accept a setback. But with each roll of the dice, I am inwardly holding my breath, secretly longing for her victory.
Yesterday I was at a carnival. As I got on each roller coaster, I felt more alive than I had been in a while. My heart ached with joy. Life made sense. Everything fit.
Meet Alan Veingrad. Offensive lineman. Green Bay Packer. Dallas Cowboy. Champion of Super Bowl XXVII.
With an all-female cast, save for three parts played by men, "A Light for Greytowers" will be shown to only female audiences. It tells the story of a Jewish girl who fights an orphanage to be able to practice her religion.
This year, the fireworks lasted. In fact they're still there, bright and colorful, turning summersaults in the sky. Let me explain how that happened...
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