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Family, The

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Without electronic stimulation or distraction. Face to face. Games and other fun activities can help us to relate to one another in fun, new ways. Here is a list of some entertaining Shabbat activities to get you started...
A Spiritual View on the Challenges of the Fifth Commandment
This spiritual explanation of why it is so difficult for us to properly honor our parents offers insight into healing intergenerational trauma and coming to peace with issues picked up from one’s family of origin.
A Tu B'Shevat Lesson
The black and white pictures I have of them stare back at me asking me not to forget. Keep these pictures precious. This is my face, this is my family, and this is who you come from. We may have physically left the earth but your heritage is part of us. W...
Spiritual Tools for Dealing with Dysfunction
An honest look at why and how we get pulled into dysfunctional relationships, and some practical insights for rising above the chaos.
Sitting on Papa's or Grandma's lap eating cookies and sipping milk while listening to stories of a world bygone is the glue that cements the link of generations.
There was no understanding, no allowance for the rest of the relationship, no crossing the bridge to make things better or work things out. It was all or nothing. Life was one big game of walking on eggshells. This was my first lesson in interpersonal rel...
Some religious doctrines see marriage as a concession to human weakness. Nothing could be further from Jewish thought . . .
According to certain experts in academia, I have put my kids' entire emotional and educational futures at risk because I haven't made the family dinner an immutable, Norman Rockwell-esque fixture in our lives...
My Bubby's Life
I wandered listlessly around the house searching for the splendor I had become accustomed to on visits to her home. It had departed, leaving behind a simple apartment and basic furnishings. There was no more grandeur...
When A Child Takes A Different Path
If only I understood back then what I'm beginning to understand now, I would have saved myself many fights and arguments. If only I knew that the biggest fear my mother had, or has, is of losing me to some unknown...
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