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Nisayon ("Test")

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Question: I am in a difficult situation right now. I know this is a test from G‑d, but how do I find energy to handle it? Answer: When G‑d asked Abraham to bring his son Isaac as a sacrifice, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi explains that the test was not wh...
I am one of those super-responsible Type A personalities, the kind whose first words as a baby were “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.” I have been doing a pretty good job since then, right up until the moment I broke my leg..
In this industry, I have only Saturday and Sunday to conduct business.
Shmuel Question: The past few years for me has seen a gradual return to my Jewish roots. I have slowly become more and more observant; I now keep kosher and don tefillin every day. My problem is that my current occupation requires a 7/365 commitment, work...
A few years ago I was diagnosed with a terminal illness but was told that I had at least another twenty years to live. Last week, at my appointment, I was told that things had changed and I had at best another year or two left...
If you thought life’s tests were over when you finished school, guess again.
The Pain of Mental Illness
All that was left of Matt's beautiful bride was a medicated shell of a human being whose brain had short circuited and whose soul had somehow disconnected...
What was so great about the binding of Isaac?
Why does an all-knowing G-d need to test anybody? Shouldn't He know what is in our hearts? And why is Abraham's test of faith "the entire glory of Israel and their merit before their Father in Heaven"?
What kind of purpose lies behind this war in Gaza?
A Jew comes to this world to bring light. If so, what are we doing fighting this ugly war? This is not who we are.
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