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Four Kinds, The

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On Sukkot we shake the lulav and etrog. Learn how to do this mitzvah of taking “the four kinds”.
When the Torah tells us to take a beautiful fruit, the only possible candidate is the etrog...
Does Jewish unity allow for diversity? The pros and cons of multiculturalism are reflected in the two primary mitzvot of Sukkot—taking the Four Kinds and dwelling in the sukkah.
Thousands made the blessing on the lulav and etrog in Midtown Manhattan.
The Aleph Institute this year provided a lulav and etrog to every base in Iraq that had Jewish soldiers.
Nachum Luria’s orchards specialize in etrogim, only the best of which can be used in Sukkot celebrations.
They were carrying branches and fruit. They wanted me to wave them in the air, to shake them in all directions. For G‑d. For world peace. For unity . . .
A Sukkot Lesson
As I sit back in my chair behind my large oak desk, waiting for Windows to load, I wonder when I had become so conceited. Where had this feeling of superiority come from? What is it that makes me believe, for even a fleeting moment, that I am better than ...
An in depth look at the four species that we use for the Lulav, Etrog, Myrtle and Willow.
You shall take for yourselves on the first day the fruit of a citron tree, the branches of date palms, twigs of myrtles and brook willows (Leviticus 23:40). "And you shall take": We learn that in order for one to fulfill the Mitzvah one has to take the fo...
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