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Debating with G-d

Knowledge Base » G-d and Man » Debating with G-d
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On Shavuot we were given the Torah. Does this holiday boil down to bragging rights? Does it really matter who “owns” the title to Torah?
“It is true,” announced R. Leib, “that according to the law the plaintiff must take his suit to the defendant’s locale; but since in this case ‘there is no place devoid of His presence,’ we will try the case here in Shpoli . . .”
Finding faith through sorrow
We were close enough to talk. To scream. To hear each other’s cries. Close enough for me to hear him say, “I’m going to die.” And close enough for him to hear me say, “I love you.”
"She constantly criticizes me . Nothing I do for her is ever good enough. She has no respect for me and no gratitude for all that I provide for her. Where is the trust and loyalty she pledged when we married?"
They asked the Baal Shem Tov: "The Talmud tells us that for every thing G-d forbade, He provided us something permissible. What did He permit that corresponds to the sin of heresy?" Replied the Besht : "Acts of kindness"
Every time He's asked the million-dollar question, He refuses to answer it
Ours is a generation notorious for its brazenness and audacity. But even the most ostensibly negative trailt, the Rebbe insisted, has a positive application...
"The Rebbe must know something we do not," whispered disciples of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev. "Perhaps he sees a terrible calamity decreed for the coming year, G-d forbid"
Philosophers and mystics are fond of pondering G-d’s oneness, perfectness, goodness, omniscience and amazingness. War, disease, school classrooms and the view from the New Jersey Turnpike get blamed on us.
A rabbi shares words you should never say to a mourner
Some things are obvious: Don't stride in and announce to all present the latest mazal tov in your family. Don't sit on the side, ignoring the mourner while chatting and giggling with a friend.
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