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This class presents the deeper meaning to the mitzvah of sounding the shofar.
Chabad rabbis, their families and staff, did whatever it took last week to ensure that everyone heard the shofar. They even canvassed neighborhoods.
Why is everything determined on an annual basis? Can’t an eternal and infinite G‑d plan a little further in advance? According to Kabbalah, once a year G‑d loses interest in His creation pastime . . .
A five minute Rosh Hashanah thought based on the teachings of Chassidut.
Rosh Hashanah holds within it an awesome power. The light of the past is withdrawn, and the light of the future has yet to come down into the world and into your life. The Book is open. What will you choose?
Judgment may be frightening for the ego, but it's very reassuring for the self: it tells me that G-d cares about my choices and that I make a difference in this world
Tradition says that no matter where you roam; with a Shofar you can always phone home. Discover the mystical secrets encrypted into this High Holiday Service hardware. This year, however, the three distinctive ring tones won't be heard. Find out why the s...
Leather seats, user-friendly ticketing, signature blue chips and 16 channel satellite TV makes Jetblue. Before takeoff, their TV screens flash a “Thank you for flying with us. Without you, we’d just be flying a bunch of TV’s around the sky.”
The Shofar - The long and short of it
How can the shofar be your personal wake up call? Are Apples and Honey a prescription for a sweet New Year? And will “Visiting the Pond” help you land newfound wisdom?
Kabbalah teaches that each blast of the shofar has a unique spiritual impact.
Kabbalah teaches that each blast of the shofar has a unique spiritual impact.
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