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Sadness; Grief

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A Lesson In Sensitivity
We read the story of Chana and Penina on Rosh Hashanah, when we pray for a good, sweet year. We pray for abundant blessings. Yet I believe there is a lesson in their story, cautioning us that with blessings come responsibility...
Question: Why would G‑d take a father by a massive heart attack as he's dancing at his daughter's wedding? None of the upwards of 50 Rabbis at the wedding could save my brother-in-law, nor could the doctors. I don't understand how this can happen. I don't...
Giving Yourself Permission to Feel
It seems that what people fear more than anything is not crime, illness or even death. The greatest fear is their own feelings, especially the "big three": loneliness, helplessness and insignificance.
Staying Functional and Faithful
Any loss, especially one involving the loss of love, independence, structure or identity, causes a temporary loss of balance—physically, emotionally and spiritually.
My personal mourning mingles with the mourning of centuries, with the loss of our Temple, a physical house in which to receive the presence of G‑d. Grief layers upon grief...
Without a doubt, we have experienced tremendous hardship and pain throughout our history—more so, perhaps, than other nations. But Jewish history is anything but tragic . . .
He didn't hate them. They had never done anything to him personally. They were engaged in the most innocent and holy of activities. But he hated what they represented. He hated me and you. And he tried to kill me and you.
"Big people," my 3-year-old asserted with conviction, "know that when they want something, they should just ask their Mommies and they will get it..."
To become a bigger something, you gotta be a nothing in between.
To become a bigger something, you gotta be a nothing in between.
Repression or sublimation? What is the Torah perspective on how to deal with deep-seated feelings of anger, sadness and anxiety?
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