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Faculties and Talents

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Question: Many libraries stamp their names on the edges of the pages of their books. Is opening or closing such a book considered erasing or writing, and therefore a violation of the Shabbat laws? Answer: Writing and erasing are two of the 39 creative act...
The concept is found in various passages of the Talmud and Midrash.
To understand why, we first need to examine why we wash our hands in the first place.
The best antidote for depression is serving others.
Sure, there are all those events that happened, the weather, geography, DNA. But we are the ones to string them together with meaning and direction. There is no story to life, until we tell it...
Kabbalah and Chassidism speak of four worlds. Where are they? Why haven’t they been discovered yet?
How do I choose a name? Do I need to confirm it with a rabbi or something?
The Hebrew language is extremely potent. The Torah tells us that until the incident of the Tower of Babel, all of mankind spoke the same language: Biblical Hebrew.
Why are Jewish people living in the United States speaking German? Can’t they speak in English, or at least Hebrew?
Before we venture out of our own universe in search for life, we should perhaps begin our discussion with life on other planets in our own world. As is explained in Are human beings the only conscious beings in the universe, while there may very well be l...
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