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Is life a journey or a destination? Is this a process or a product? How can I live my current life to the fullest, while holding out hope that this is nothing but a temporary assignment?
In Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz's book, Pour Your Heart into It, he writes that "the best way to build a brand is one person at a time—starting with your staff."
My girlfriend of two years isn't sure she wants to get married. She just says she feels "it" hasn't clicked. I felt a click a long time ago and would very much like to marry and spend my life with her. What can I do?
This all got me thinking. Does Judaism, a results-oriented way of life, allow for celebrating good intentions? The answer was not long in coming...
We arranged an appointment. I came prepared. I made my pitch, explained our plans, emphasized the opportunities that lay ahead and then paused. The pause. That time it didn't work.
At the time, I thought her a demanding mother, completely oblivious to my limitations. Today I know better. The words, "Yes you can," are not oppressive. They are empowering.
Question: Is my teshuvah (repentance) meaningless if I find myself committing the same transgression again? For example, I resolved to be careful not speak badly of others, but after a short while I was back to my old bad habits? Does this mean that my te...
That night, my grandmother slept fitfully, distressed and uncertain about what to do. How could she compromise the values with which she had been raised?
For the first time in my life, there is no visible record of my accomplishments. In fact, when done well, it is impossible to perceive parenting being done at all...
Lessons from Challah
My mother showed us how even the seemingly mundane parts of life are part and parcel of our spiritual service...
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