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Mitzvah "Tank" Mobile, The

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In many people's estimation, Rabbi Sacks among them, the Rebbe was healing the world as a whole, and the Jewish People in particular...
By Marc Lumer
Artist’s Statement: These are details of a design I created to decorate the Mitzvah Cable Car in San Francisco. I wanted to do something reminiscent of the folk art style of painting, combining typography and the narrative panels of comic books to express...
By Davora Lilian
Artist's Statement: Bringing color to the Jewish nation is the goal of Art for the Soul. Chassidic music has been elevated to a very high level but is still black and white. I dream of seeing Chabad mitzvah vans in color as well as the large Menorahs! Let...
For seven years, residents of Sderot, Israel, have coped with the threat of exploding Palestinian rockets fired from the nearby Gaza Strip. Rabbi Moshe Ze’ev Pisem has begun fundraising for an armored mobile synagogue to service the terrified population.
A pair of rabbinical students traveled throughout Kentucky this week to meet with Jews living in dozens of small towns.
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