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Shaliach (33)
I arrived at the Chabad House in Munich and its co-director Chanie Diskin's apartment on Thursday morning to the distinctive smell of gefilte fish simmering on the stove.
The Rebbe pleaded with my grandfather—and no doubt wrote similar letters to many other persons in position of influence—to “do whatever is in your power to find and save these children.”
Belgium & Holland
My alarm rings...I need to pry open my eyes and hurry...My flight from Spain to Brussels, Belgium, departs in two hours...
Moishele, the only words of comfort that we can offer you is that wherever you go in this world, you will always have thousands of mommies and tatties and brothers and sisters who will welcome you with open arms and loving hearts, just like your parents d...
Wherever Jews are: in Hawaii, in Hong Kong, in Alaska or Australia, there you will find a Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi, a direct personal emissary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory.
It was the kind of neighborhood where you don’'t just take a leisurely walk, even in the daytime. I was scared . . .
On celebrating the spiritual and the material
As the sun slides down the sky and the air fills with a golden haze, a small crowd gathers in front of a gray house just south of the University of Oregon campus. It’s Friday night, and they are here to celebrate Shabbat
There are many myths about Chabad. Like the one that Chabad invented Jewish outreach. Don’t believe a word of it.
They are a team. Husband and wife. Shliach and shlucha. They are the emissaries of the Rebbe, the representatives of Lubavitch, the messengers of Chabad.
The disciples of Rabbi DovBer of Mezeritch gathered around his bed to hear their teacher speak about Jacob's angels. It was the last Shabbat of the chassidic master's life...
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