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Baal Teshuvah, The

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“By the sanction of the Almighty,” Rabbi Leib intoned, “and by the sanction of the congregation, . . . we declare it permissible to pray together with those who have sinned . . .”
Not that I had anything against rabbis per se; I was just young and more interested in carving out my own brand of spirituality. But here I was, as low as I had ever felt, knocking gently on the proverbial “heaven’s door.”
My childhood ended when I was 10 years old. I left for overnight camp an innocent girl; two weeks later, I was called to the head counselor’s shack and told that I had to go home.
The Rebbe’s advice on maintaining a good relationship with your parents and in-laws
A chassidic son-in-law who aspired to be a shliach (emissary) of the Rebbe was something they had never planned for their daughter.
What I learned about the Jewish community
When my family first moved into the Orthodox Jewish community, I had a serious case of culture shock.
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