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Giver and Recipient

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Opening the Door to Happiness and Serenity
Though it may appear that love engenders a giving attitude, actually, giving is what brings about love. A person comes to love the one to whom he gives...
Rabbi Levi looked down at the old man and sighed. It was sad to come to this, he thought, dying all alone in a hospital room, with no family or friends to give testimony to the life he led.
Adam originally included both male and female.
Adam originally included both male and female.
I-Volunteer: Pairing Holocaust Survivors with Young Volunteers
They managed to survive some of the greatest horrors known to man in the modern age. But now, many aging Holocaust survivors are facing a new affliction: loneliness.
There are three passengers standing just a few inches away from me. They're rolling their eyes and spewing frustrated comments at this man's audacity...
The chazzan reaches the moment, the Kohanim turn around, lower their prayer shawls over their eyes, raise their hands towards the crowd and the Priestly Blessing begins. What an amazing religion we have where certain people have been specifically assigned...
"It is so hard to have a bully in my class," my son tells me. His expression is so sad; but I am even more saddened that at the young age of ten, he has already come to accept bullying as an unchangeable fact of life.
There once was a great rabbi, Who had a dream one night. And in the dream he got to see, A most amazing sight...
But honestly, is there any real difference between the rest of the world and us? They give presents, we give cash. So what?
The Talmud states that everyone is obligated to give charity, including someone who is totally dependant on, and supported by a communal welfare fund. Isn't this a little absurd?
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