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Automobile & Driving

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If you oversue the starter, you'll soon need a tow
A car is a complicated machine, yet its tremendous power is derived from a single spark that sets the engine in motion. Nevertheless, it is not good for the motor if the starter’s sparking action is used too often. This is analogous to a Jew’s spiritual l...
Stay focused, but enjoy the scenery. Remember that you're not the only one on the road, and that there are blind-spots in your field of vision. Driving, like life, is a complicated endeavor with a few simple rules
"Maybe it's just a fuse," suggested my husband. Moments later, we discovered that it wasn't the fuse after all
Even though I realize how lucky I am that we all came out unscathed, and that a car can be repaired or replaced, I can’t help but feel a bit frustrated at the cost and inconvenience that I am now facing.
My scary drive in a car that was overheating.
Failing a driving test reminds us of King Shlomo’s wise words that there is a time for everything. With proper effort and preparation, a person will succeed. More importantly, this should serve as an opportunity to be more cognizant of the spiritual paral...
Some folks think of people much as we think of cars on a highway: each with its own origin and destination, relating to one other only to negotiate lane changes and left-hand turns. But people are not cars.
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