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Organ Transplant

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Question: Our dentist has advised us that our daughter needs a dental implant -- a small titanium rod screwed into her jawbone upon which a fabricated tooth will later be attached. The socket of her missing tooth does not have enough bone for such an impl...
The Torah's view on organ donation, cremation and the right to die.
Jessica lost her life, and two other critically ill people will not be receiving the organs used in the attempt to cure her. What can we learn from this devastating mishap?
What motivates a person to donate an organ to a perfect stranger?
What is the likelihood of an Orthodox woman born in Brooklyn donating a kidney to a non-observant man from Ukraine in a hospital in Tel Aviv?
This short video presents the journey of how Mr. Jack Hananya obtained a lifesaving organ donation from Rabbi Zalman Sandhaus. Let's make the world a brighter place with acts of goodness and kindness. A project of Kidney Assist; video production: Yuvla Me...
Among a handful of dual-organ donors, New Jersey rabbi saves a man’s life
Adam Levitz, a 44-year-old married father of three, was in liver failure. Things were getting worse, and he knew it. And then, on Dec. 20, he received a new liver and a new lease on life. His donor, Chabad Rabbi Ephraim Simon, is one of only a handful of ...
Rabbi Nosson Blumes shares the story of how he ended up volunteering to donate a kidney to a woman he had never met.
A series of online and personal connections leads to a life saved
On Rosh Hashanah this year, Vicki O’Neill Haber stepped out of synagogue services in Denver because her 9-year-old son, Max, needed to take a break. Outside the sanctuary, she saw someone who looked familiar. A woman named Rachel had also left services be...
Working to save the life of a 56-year-old, who plans to advocate for similar donations
By the time most people on the East Coast had finished lunch and returned to work, Jack Hananya of Long Island, N.Y., was in recovery in a Manhattan hospital room, having just received a life-saving gift thanks to two Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries and a lit...
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