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Space Exploration

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In Ethics of the Fathers our sages teach: "Repent one day before your death." The obvious question is asked: how does one know which day he or she is to die?
Rocket scientist Alexander Friedman, the chief engineer for the moon-mission of the Israeli spacecraft “Beresheet”, talks with Mrs. Devorah Shanowitz as the honored guest at Chabad of Wesmount gala in Montreal.
This is what it means to me as a Jew
I couldn’t help myself marveling at the scene. The first spacecraft made by Israeli scientists, sitting on top of a SpaceX rocket, about to head to the moon.
What we learn from the first moon landing.
The following vignettes are from the recently released work, Curiosity and the Desire for Truth, in which a NASA scientist recounts his search for higher meaning and deeper understanding of purpose. Along the way, he encounters one of the greatest spiritu...
Over the past few days, the Internet has been abuzz about the New Horizons probe and its mission to Pluto. While scientists continue to debate if Pluto is truly the ninth planet in our solar system or merely the largest dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt, no...
Seeds of Wisdom
On the importance of constantly seeking to outgrow the notions of religion and Jewish ritual we are left with from our childhood, and upgrade our understanding of faith and practice as we grow older and more mature in our journey through life.
Question: I know there is an infinite, loving G‑d. It's just that I can't get my head around a few things in the Torah, like death penalties for gays, wizards, and people who curse their parents. Even if these people have erred, couldn't they just be aske...
Buckle up for a Chanukah celebration in... Space Shuttle Discovery! Astronaut Jeff Hoffman hosts the celebration courtesy of NASA.
Sixty-seven different steps have to happen in sequence so that a newborn infant can go from a creature that lives in water to an oxygen-breathing baby. If a company tried to build it, it wouldn’t work
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