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Kipah (Head Covering), The

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Gefilte Fish stars in this animated cartoon about his early years when he lived in the ocean
Jonathan gets a new pet: a giant talking gefilte fish! Hilarity ensues.
Why do I have to actually cover my head as long as I know G-d is above me in my heart and mind?
The kipah of the religious Jew versus the head-covering of the utilitarianist philosopher
A kippah is a head-covering traditionally worn by Jewish men and boys as a sign of reverence and respect to G‑d.
2,500 of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds at rally to support Jews in Germany
Some 2,500 people, many wearing kippot (yarmulkes), gathered on April 25 in front of Berlin’s Jüdisches Gemeindehaus (Jewish community center) to show their support and solidarity for the country’s Jews. Organizers had encouraged Berlin’s citizens to asse...
The boring answer is that it is just the generic Slavic word for “skullcap,” which Eastern-European Jews borrowed from their non-Jewish neighbors
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