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Visiting the Concentration Camps
The bus drove by a group of schoolchildren. These children wore jeans, colored sweatshirts, sneakers—they looked like "real kids." My eyes met those of the little boy nearest the bus. I smiled at him, waving. The little boy raised his arm and pointed. "Zy...
On the morning after Kristallnacht, a surprise phone call warned him not to leave his house and definitely not to go to synagogue. But he wasn't going to let the Nazis stop him from going to his synagogue....
When the Nazis invaded Poland, Leon Leyson was ten years old. He recalls, "Suddenly, I lost my most basic rights. I was hungry and frightened all the time."
Confronting Antisemitism in 2009
She comes closer; her finger is waving inches from my face. "I can tell," she rants, "from your hair covering and your necklace (a Star of David) you're not an American..."
The Jews, singing and dancing ecstatically, were swept by the flood of their emotions and danced on and on. They would pay dearly later, but for that moment they had defied their oppressors.
Question: Why has there arisen in every generation those who wanted to annihilate the Jewish population? Every year, I read this in the Hagadah, but now I am wondering why this animosity? Answer: There are many explanations given, but they seem to overloo...
Delusions become dangerous not when we start to believe them but when we stop questioning. Why are we afraid to face the obvious facts? Because the facts hurt too badly. So we hide behind two-state solutions, and pullouts, and dialogue and bridge building...
Are we Paranoiac or is it a Pandemic?
Rabbi Yossy Goldman, one of South Africa’s most prominent pulpit rabbis, explores the old/new question: Why the Jews? This talk was part of a symposium on anti-Semitism in Johannesburg, SA.
One very cold, very dark evening in the middle of a particularly brutal Canadian winter, five women huddled around a dining room table, animatedly discussing and planning, sharing a dream and a vision.
How a young woman in the Soviet Union discovers her soul
Every day brought new torment. Katya sat at her desk in the classroom, alone, isolated and shunned. She never cried, though. She didn’t cry when they chased her, or threw stones at her, or struck her with their backpacks.
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