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The statement, “I believe there is a G-d,” is meaningless. Faith is not the ability to imagine that which does not exist. Faith is finding relevance in that which is transcendent.
Well that depends on who you ask. So let's have a look: We read in the Torah, "This shall be fringes for you, and when you see it, you will remember all the commandments of the Lord to perform them. And you will not turn after your heart and after your ey...
Kabbala Toons: Episode XIII
Everything just got created right now. And now. And…
Kabbala Toons: Episode XII
What is it that isifies me?
"Give me one minute, I'll give you cosmic consciousness"
KabbalaToons presents spiritual guidance and mystic insights in fun, fast animation.
Rabbi Yaffe teaches the Kabalistic perspective on human interaction, from the most intimate of relationships to the most extrinsic, including the most fundamental relationship; the relationship with oneself.
The “Kabbalah Revolution”, buoyed by superstar celebrity involvement, claims that the ancient Jewish wisdom has, along with its empowerments, become available for all. Can delving into these mystical teachings and engaging in strange “Kabbalah Rituals” en...
Discovering Jewish Mysticism
The Key to Kabbalah will open up the world of Jewish mysticism, giving you your first thirst-quenching sips of the teachings of Pnimiyut HaTorah, the inner dimension of the Torah. This volume provides an overview of the history, principles, content and na...
A Kabbalistic understanding of candle-lighting
It is in the power of women to ignite the souls of all human beings—to be the catalyst for their emerging out of spiritual dormancy and becoming beautiful, expressive flames that rise upwards toward their Creator.
Part 1
What is a soul? Where is it from? What is its significance in the world? A three part series; explaining and bringing down the kabbalistic term of ‘soul’, to a level that we can all relate to and understand.
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