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I had spent hours casting about for some suitable activity that could serve as a replacement for the speaking, but thus far, I had come up with nothing
“And [Moses] was there [on Mount Sinai] with G‑d forty days and forty nights; bread he did not eat and water he did not drink” (Exodus 34:28). Very interesting. Have you ever tried it?
A decade after their first meeting, the correspondence between R. Yosef Yitzchak and R. Menachem Mendel reveals the extent to which their relationship had developed.
Part 3 of a series on Nature and Miracles
Why would an infinite Oneness create a finite, fractured world? For the same reason that a musician forces himself within the confines of a small wooden box with strings. Or a poet within the rigid structure of a sonnet.
The Rebbe vocally and repeatedly called for every individual to utilize his or her unique talents and abilities to help promote a spirit of G-dliness in the world.
The Poetry of Yehoshua November
Award winning Jewish poet, Yehoshua November, talks about and reads some of his poems from his book, G-d's Optimism.
How can you just pretendand lie to yourselfwhen the truth iseverything you thinkis not trueit's fantasyit's fictionit's fakeand when you knowyou're about to break
"First read the article," I say. But the affinity for the red pen is many an editor's Achilles heel. And the tendency to focus on the details at the expense of the larger picture affects us all...
Finding the Mind, Body and Soul Connection
Welcome to the World of Graphology and join us on a magical mystical journey where a new understanding of how one writes can lead to spectacular insight and understanding not only of self but others too.
The student is frustrated. She has been going in circles for forty-five minutes trying to figure out one line. And the tutor, she is at a loss. Part of her knows that feeding a student her thesis is not what she is there for, but is also not to the advant...
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