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Speech; Communication

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“Yesterday I went into The Red Shed and looked for the photography stall. I asked the owner, Anne, if she remembered a family with lots of children coming in and she said ‘yes’ immediately,” my mother-in-law paused . . .
How to open up the lines of communication with your children.
How Words Can Destroy
She hurt me. Or, shall I say, I was hurt by her? Words really matter, as I've recently re-learnt, so I better choose them wisely. That said, I was hurt by the (rather insensitive) way in which she chose to speak to me. It was the evening of Rosh Hashanah....
Parshat Metzora
How to use one's power of speech in a positive and healing manner.
What we have is a bunch of leaders who take special courses on how "not to say what you think, rather what is acceptable," and to "never ever verbalize your bigotry for there might be a secret recording device under your chair."
Both husbands and wives can ask each other to change some aspect of their behavior in order to bring about improvement. This is not the same as trying to control one’s partner...
Why We Let the Mourner Start the Conversation
When we visit someone who has lost a loved one, we want them to know that we are there for them—to comfort them and to give them strength. The best way we can express that is by being silent in order to be guided by their needs...
It's not about "fixing" but "accepting"
When we really listen and acknowledge another person’s pain, resentment or inner conflict, we give them a chance to talk more about what’s troubling them. The more they express, the more relief they’ll feel and the more clarity they’ll gain...
Ethics 1:17
The ability to communicate is central to human function. Why then would the sages suggest that silence is a value worth pursuing? Isn't silence the absence of speech?
My husband and I had a great relationship. But since giving birth, I find that I am frustrated often with needing to ask him to do things that he should just figure out on his own...
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