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King David

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For an informed reading of I Kings 1:1-31
As David had many sons, there was going to be a need to clarify who would be the heir to David’s throne.
A biblical history of the Jews
The events of King David’s later years, starting with the famous story of his relationship with Bathsheba. We also learn of the rebellion of his son Absalom. The class ends with the anointing of David’s 12-year-old son Solomon as his successor.
Gate of Reincarnations: Chapter Twenty-Two, Section 2
Even if one is judged at the time of death, still there can be more judgments and punishments to follow.
The Rebbe discusses with my daughter the issue of her attending art school.
Question: I've heard it said that King David was denied the opportunity to build the Holy Temple because he had "blood on his hands" from the many wars he waged. If this is the case, why do we hold David in such high esteem? Why was he chosen to be the pr...
The period of King David and King Solomon’s reign and the construction of the Holy Temple; from the year 2892 to 2964 of creation.
As women, we share a collective identity. We often struggle to overcome the same mountains, and we find peace in cool streams of the same valleys. We seek our identity in the piercing bareness of the same wind...
Drawing upon events of King David’s life and his unique virtues, we’re able to apply important lessons in our lives.
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